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Supercheries est une série de 25 dessins, réalisés à l'encre sur un papier satiné de 160 grammes.


Le procédé technique s'apparente à de l'écriture automatique, aussi bien pour les textes que les illustrations.

* Je ne suis pas vicieux, j’ai simplement des pouvoirs que tu ne peux pas comprendre.

* Ici dormirent deux personnes qui croyaient avoir découvert quelque chose d’unique et de persistant.

* From left to right my heart is bouncing, but there is nothing political here.

Let’s tie ourselves together like to a milestone, to see which one will roll first.

* Je pensais vraiment qu'on pouvait demander aux gens un peu de tendresse


* While I was waiting for you to come back, there was this man pretending to be you, but he didn’t have enough big arms, so I quickly noticed the trickery .

* Once I asked him if he'd love me forever, and he said he didn’t hear, he was eating crisps.

* You really know how to get me by the short hairs, but now I rather go to the salon.

* Sometimes I do have a headache, sometimes I don't.

* Sometimes I wish we could be as light as floating plastic, but you say come on, the situation is too serious to laugh.

* One day you had eyes like that widened, and now I have to put paint over your eyelids to make it seem like you’re still looking .

* She embraced him after longing for months, and caught him in a bag to make him look like his own absence.

* Some say I’m made of stone, so I just tickle my nipple. .

*Il est de très mauvaise humeur mais il ne sait pas pourquoi. Peut-être est-il simplement fatigué ou un véritable emmerdeur.

*It is not because I can feel pettiness, that I am pitiful even so

*We discovered other dimensions, since then we all are extraterrestrials.

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